Getting a driving licence in Bulgaria

Exchange EU driving licence for a Bulgarian driving licence

EU and non-EU nationals who hold a valid driving licence issued from a country signatory member to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 08 November 1968 may exchange their EU or foreign driving licence for a Bulgarian driving licence.

EU-Issued Licence

Valid driving licences issued in an EU member state, EEA or in Switzerland are valid in Bulgaria indefinitely.
There is no obligation for the licence to be exchanged for a Bulgarian one, although the licence-holder may if they choose to. The licence may be exchanged – without having to pass a driving test – by anyone who holds a Bulgarian residence.

When an EU driving licence is exchanged for a Bulgarian one, its validity is verified and the foreign licence is returned to the country of origin with an explanation of the reason for the exchange. The Bulgarian driving licence has validity of 10 years.

Non-EU-Issued Licence

A non-EU national who does not have a driving licence issued by an EU member state, EEA or Switzerland may drive in Bulgaria for up to one year. After that period, the licence must be exchanged for a Bulgarian driving licence (if an exchange agreement exists) or the Bulgarian driving test must be taken and a new licence issued.

Non-EU-issued licences may be exchanged if the issuing country has ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic and the licence meets the requirements of this agreement.

International Driving Licence issued from Bulgaria

Holders of Bulgarian driving licence can obtain an International driving licence issued from the Bulgarian authorities. The international driving licence is valid for 1 year and it can be further renewed. The licence is issued on the day of application.

Provisional driving licence in Bulgaria

Provisional or temporary licences, international driving permits (or any other certificates issued in your home country) may not be recognised in other EU countries. Because these documents are only issued in some countries, they don’t come under the new EU rules.

Expired, Lost or Stolen Bulgarian Driving Licence


If your Bulgarian driving licence has expired, or it was lost, stolen or destroyed, our lawyers can assist you to obtain a new Bulgarian driving licence as soon as possible.

To check the possibility of exchanging your foreign driving licence with a Bulgarian driving licence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to get a Driving Licence in Plovdiv

If you do not hold a valid driving license abroad, you may obtain a Bulgarian driving license by taking 31 hours driving lessons, passing a theory test and practical driving test. Our lawyers in Plovdiv can assist you with the preparation of the required documents to be enrolled in an English driving course in Plovdiv, get an English booklet for the theory test and pass successfully the practical driving test.