Debt collection in Plovdiv

The lawyers at Plovdiv Legal are experienced in debt collection of contractually owed debt from legal entities and individuals residing in Bulgaria.

If you have stopped receiving payments from your client and he is no longer responding to phone calls and emails, we may encourage your debtor to pay the outstanding debt.

Our lawyers may assist you with the preparation and presentation of a notary letter of invitation to another person – your debtor to perform a contractual obligation. For example, if you have sold a property to be paid in instalments and the buyer paid only few of the instalments, you may invite him to pay the outstanding instalments by servicing a notary invitation.

***The notary letter of invitation is an official statement of willingness directed towards a particular subject. The notary letter of invitation has a probative value that binds its recipient. Email reminders or invitations sent by registered mail do not bind your debtor. According to the Bulgarian legislation only the notary letter binds the debtor.

Your debtor has two weeks to respond to the notary invitation by agreeing to clear the outstanding immediately or propose a mutually beneficial repayment plan. If the debtor does not respond to the invitation, we may assist with an “execution order” forcing the debtor to pay the outstanding debts immediately.